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Greensboro NC Voted Top 20 Place To Live

GSO Downtown

Finally…something in the news I can celebrate!

In a depressing news cycle like we have been in for the last month due to the lack of leadership in Washington DC, I find a juicy tidbit like this to share with my friends?  My day is complete…

Greensboro’s warm and inviting southern side has earned it #18 on the list of top cities to live and visit in America from the folks at Livability.com (read the article here).

From the source…”with excellent schools and plenty of higher education options, quality health care with award-winning hospitals and a downtown that is moving forward, Greensboro easily ranks among 2014 Best Places to Live by Livability.com.  And residents also pride themselves on being wonderful hosts to major events that place in the city every year.”

If you are looking for more information on our fair city, let me know and we’ll connect you with some great information on the Gate City!




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