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Successful Home Selling Strategies – Part 1

Selling a home in today’s competitive real estate market can be a challenge for sure.  More than ever, sellers are looking to their real estate professionals for advice on how to differentiate themselves from the numerous other homes on the market.  One way this can be accomplished is to perform a staging analysis.

At its core, a staging analysis is simply a room-by-room look at the way a home presents itself.  Aspects like color, flow, clutter and quality of furnishings combine to create a message that each home conveys in the mind of a prospective home buyer.  Clean lines, fresh neutral wall color and depersonalization are key aspects to helping a home show its best qualities and create a memorable experience for a home buyer.  The mantra in our office is for our clients to always be cognizant of the “sights, sounds and smells” associated with their home and we take active steps to deal with any issues that arise inthese three areas.

There are several approaches that one can take with respect to staging.  First, for an occupied home, we seek to incorporate as much of the homeowners existing furniture as possible.   Too many furnishings or dark, deeply personal color schemes can reflect poorly on a home and need to be addressed.  Unfortunately, a home buyer can often have difficulty seeing how their own furniture will fit into a home if the seller has crowded too many items into each room.

In our next installment, we’ll talk more about how staging can improve your homes appeal and actually help you sell more quickly and for more money than your competition.


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