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Fisher Park, Greensboro NC

Fisher Park was one of the first neighborhoods in the city of Greensboro and continues to be continues to be some of the most popular real estate town.

The neighborhood traces its beginnings to 1902 when Captain Basil John Fisher donated 28 acres of his land holdings for development of a new neighborhood. The area, known as Lindsay’s Woods at the time, was reputed to have been used as a dumping ground for the small town of Greensboro!  In exchange, the city paid $5 and agreed to build a road within the land. This road eventually became public streets we know today as Fisher Park Circle, North Park Drive, and South Park Drive. Several years later, two business partners (Mr. Wharton and Mr. Latham) began the development of the neighborhood with most original buildings completed between 1915 and 1930.

The Fisher Park Neighborhood Association was formed in 1982 and is comprised of almost 800 homes and businesses located just north of downtown Greensboro. During each year, volunteers from the neighborhood association organize social events, distribute newsletters and host a fund-raising Luminary display each December. Many homes and businesses are also within a smaller Fisher Park Historic District, one of three located in the Greensboro area with the other two being Aycock and College Hill.

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