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Irving Park, Greensboro NC

Look beyond the well-manicured lawns and tree-lined streets of Irving Park and you will find one of Greensboro’s most influential and popular neighborhoods. Developed in 1911 around the Greensboro Country Club, the neighborhood is convenient to the downtown business district. Irving Park continues to offer some of the most valuable homes in Greensboro with homes ranging from the low $300’s well into the millions. The most expensive homes border the meticulously maintained grounds of the private club which features a swim & tennis club and some of the finest dining Greensboro has to offer. The neighborhood is steeped in history and has a number of home on the national registry of historic homes.

One of the more notable features over the last decade has been the practice of what we call the “tear down”. It is the practice of taking a smaller, older home with an ample lot and demolishing it in favor of a newer, larger structure. This practice often results in large residences, or in some cases multiple residences, constructed on lots that sit very close to neighboring property lines and appear out of scale compared to established houses. According to Preservation Greensboro, ”tear downs can have a strongly negative impact on neighborhood property values. Throughout the nation, tear downs often destroy older homes that are part of a community’s character; the very character that drew residents to the neighborhood in the first place”.

Old Irving Park, the name most closely associated with the neighborhood bordering the Country Club is not to be confused with New Irving Park, a collection of newer homes bisected by Willoughby Blvd and bordered by Pisgah Church in the west and Cone Blvd in the east.